Samma Service

SAMMA is a leader company in manufacturing a range of high quality machines for the processing and the packaging of fruit and vegetables. With an over twenty-year experience and thanks to a considerable technical know-how in the sector, SAMMA provides innovative solutions and technical assistance to clients located in the South of Italy.


The birth of the subsidiary companies SAMMA Proget and  SAMMA International gave a further boost to the company vocation for fruit and vegetable technologies and increased the will to improve in the research of new technologies, in the development of accurate plant layouts, in the design and manufacturing efficiency.


SAMMA International provides complete solutions for the processing and the packaging of all types of fruits and vegetables from the plant layout and machines design to their manufacturing and  installation up to the post-sale technical assistance. Moreover, SAMMA has a wide fleet of guaranteed second-hand machines.


Ensuring high quality standards, safety and professional competence,SAMMA is the ideal partner for those working in the fruit and vegetable sector.

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