Pregrading conveyor

The machine is designed to feed the line and make a first grading of fruits whose characteristics make them not suitable for marketing.

The machine has a compact structure made up of a 20/10 press-bending frame , 30/10 and 40/10 steel pipes treated with zinc chromates rust preventer and semisynthetic paint.

Aluminium rollers, with a diameter of 50mm and a 15/10 thickness, are closed sideways by means of truncated cone pads and fixed to the lateral pins of the feed chain enabling the roller rotation. A part of the roller surface is inclined in order to determine the processing line height and to separate fruits so that they can reach the horizontal part of the machine perfectly aligned and visible for the grading phase.

Moreover, in order to ensure workers’ safety, the machine is equipped with protective shields following the laws in force.

Motorization: a 0,5 HP speed controller

alim_preselez_1 alim_preselez

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