Drying Machine


The machine is designed to dry wax after the waxing phase. Its structure is made up of a 25/10 solid press-bending frame, steel pipes with a thickness from 30/10 to 40/10 treated with zinc chromates rust preventer and semisynthetic paint.

Aluminium rollers with a diameter of 50mm are closed sideways by nylon truncated cone pads and hooked to the side pins of the feed chain. Rollers, during  their rotation and feed movement, are hit by a strong hot air jet heated by a double-fan hot-air generator beneath.

This system, by means of conveyors, enables the air recycle with a resulting energy saving (more than 60% of fuel) in comparison to traditional machines. Two more fans reinforce the hot air jet ensuring the optimum efficiency of the machine.

The machine is also equipped with a automatic system for the rollers cleaning from wax residues.


–  a hot air generator with n. 3 centrifugal fans of 4 HP each;

–  a stainless steel combustion chamber, a tube heat exchanger, a 80.000 Kcal/h diesel burner (gas burner on demand);

–  two 4 HP centrifugal fans;

–  a 0,75 HP feed speed controller;

–  a 1HP engine going up to 900 for the steel rollers cleaning brush.


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