The machine is designed to discard, before processing, fruits whose small size makes them not suitable for marketing. It has a solid structure made up of a 20/10 press-bending plate and steel pipes.

Tilt pairs aluminium rollers, with a diameter of 55mm and a 15/10 thickness, are joined by means of a aluminium press-bending bracket and fixed to the feed chain by means of steel shafts into nylon toothed pads. Rollers rotation is done through the dragging of the tilt roller.  The lowering of the tilt roller which is put on a guide adjustable by a handwheel (one for each side) causes the fall of small-sized fruits in a conveyor belt beneath in order to be gathered outside the machine into crates or bins.

Feed motorization  by a 0,5 HP gearmotor

Conveyor belt motorization by a 0, 25 HP coaxial speed controller

Moreover, in order to ensure workers’ safety, the machine is equipped with protective shields.

The machine can also be equipped with multiple exits.

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