SAMMA International manufacture single machines and complete processing lines for the processing of every kind of agricultural product ensuring quality, competence and a great professionalism both in the manufacturing  phase and in the installation phase.


Our firm specializes in the design of citrus fruit and vegetables treatment and packaging plants. We assure the manufacturing of all parts of the line: feed systems, washing systems, brushing systems, waxing systems, grading systems and packaging systems.


We provide a wide range of plants with different working capacities, from a minimum of 30 Q/h to a maximum of 300 Q/h, in order to meet the requirements of our clients.


Moreover, each plant is equipped with the most recent automation systems and is computer-controlled by means of a software, ensuring a high versatility of the machine and an overall process supervision.


We can not only customize the plant and its capacity according to the client’s requirements but also manufacture machines never manufactured before on the basis of the market demands.

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